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Dueling Darlings.....Treasured Friends

This month is a first for me...yikes...I am trying my hand at a blog....(please be patient)...and it was my month to create the kits for the Dueling Darling Divas. The theme this month was "Treasured Friends with a mystery surprise". I thought the Whipper Snapper stamp "Ike and Mike go fishin'"was a perfect image to showcase friends. The mystery part was for each Diva or Dazzler to find an item from home, garage sale, or wherever and use it as an additional embellishement on their card. (Let me tell you, when I started working with my kit I'm thinkin' I sure am glad these gals are my friends...or they may just
want to bop me in the head...lol).
The kit contained the blue and white shiny designer paper, the whipper snapper image, the friends saying, various size rhinestones, beaded white cording, pearls in a couple sizes, a metal snowflake, silver trimmed white, light blue and dark blue ribbon, and a ribbon slide. For this challenge you can use all or any of the embellishments and the designer paper. (I only added the black paper and let me tell you, once I picked the layout I about bopped me in the head. In one part of the card I actually pieced the shiny white paper together to cover the last spot.) My "mystery" item is chunky glitter I found at a garage sale and until today remained unopened and ready to be donated to my neighborhood daycare. Anyone that knows me knows I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE glitter. I do have to say though, this stuff really pushed the limits on my glitter love, it was really messy. I used it on the snowflakes and it really does look pretty in good in real life. I also, used crystal effects on the little fish, Mike's paws and eyes and Ike's eyes. I hope you like my card and I am sure you will love the other creations created by:

The Divas:

and by

The Dazzlers:

Please stop by their blogs/galleries and check out their amazing talent.
(In the meantime I will be working on making my new blog look good and be up to date...)


~Paola~ said…
CONGRATULATION for joining in the blogging world!! SEE?? it was pretty easy afterall,right?
Your blog page and your debut card are SPECTACULAR g/friend! luve,luvvvvv Whipper Snapper stamps and this supha cute image is just adorable and glittery...wooot!!
You are rocking all the way now girl!!I am soooo proud of youuuu!!! *hugs*....
dweatter said…
Look at you rockin the blog world!!!! And you said you couldn't do this!!!! What a terric blog and a FANTASTIC card. I love the image, the coloring, the layout, the GLITTER!!! U ROCK!
April said…

Love the blog and the new card!! You are always amazing me with your talent.... I adore the image you sent out for your kit....I may be hitting you up for a couple....lol
Michelle said…
Congratulations! Love your card! The image is perfect, gotta love those WS stamps.
MiamiKel said…
Congratulations to you, sweetie, on your brand new fabulous blog! And what a debut with your spectacular kit you sent to us! A perfect example of the wonders and treasures of friendship and all the things you are to us :) Your card is simply amazing! The fold is TDF beautiful - and what cute little guys on this image - love it!
Barb said…
Yeah Carol--your Blog Rocks! And so does your DDD card. Love the design and the colors are perfect! Can't wait to see more of your creations in blog land!
kadie said…
YAY!!! Welcome to crazy blogland, Sweetie!! So excited for you!! This is a fabulous creation for your first post too!! I adore it and the kit your sent out for your group. Love it!! Love YOU!! MUAH!
Jamie Sanchez said…
Be-A-utiful! I love your card! Plus your blog is looking good Chicky! Keep up the good work. ;)
*Susan* said…
YIPPEEEEEE! Carol is in blogville! I love the "feel" of your blog. And WOW what an awesome first post! Super cute image, and that layout is spectacular! I love all the shimmer and sparkle from the papers and glitter. Bling is king! ha-ha! {hug}
Judy McMullen said…
Wow! Carol, you did good!! Love the blog, love the card kit and love your beautiful card!!! You are inspiring me to get going with creating a blog.
Lorie said…
Hi there, sweet Carol! I'm so happy I was stalking the sisterhood, and found out about your wonderful blog. You did good, my friend, and your card is just wonderful! That fold is amazing, and the image and kit you prepared are grrrrreat, and the glitter may have been messy, but it sure is pretty!!! Congrats on the blog!

Love ya,
Oh my goodness!! I don't know whether to be more excited about your card or your BRAND NEW blog!!! Awesome on both counts!!!

I am beaming from ear to ear!

Your card is too precious. And yes, I think you should consider bopping yourself for making that card. (I made one of them one time and told myself never again... it is such a difficult fold/cut/assemble kind of thing).

Awesome!!!!!!!!!!! Your card is perfect!
Terry Ladwig said…
Congrats on the blog Carol!! I knew you could do it, and boy is it great!! Love the card too and that image is adorable!!!
Laura Jean (LJ) said…
YAY! You are blogging! Welcome to bloggy world Carol! And your card is fantastic. :)
Melina said…
I love your blog! Wow! Great job.

Your card is Awesome! I love the fold and your coloring is great :)
:: BlueInks :: said…
First and foremost, you are a sandbagger my friend, Carol!!! Here I go to click on your name from another blog, thinking I was going to your SCS gallery and YOU HAVE A BLOG, SISTER!!!!!!

Next....what a darling card! If I tried to fold paper like that, they would probably have to take me to the mental hospital! You make it look easy.

Congratulations on the blog. It is fantastic. I had to follow! :)