Thursday, June 30, 2011

Calendar Girls June card

Hi all, I bet you thought that I fell off the face of the kind of feels like it ),. but here I am. The big wedding was last weekend so I have been gone (off the computer for almost a week). I was the hostess this month for the calendar girls. I love to make cards but struggled with a here is what I came up with...Make  a card showing an upcoming event that is happening this summer and explain it when posting the card...the "extra" was to send the card to either a service member or a shut in since June falls in between  Memorial Day and 4th of July....Well as you will see shortly.... I struggled with my card as well...not only am I posting but my card did not turn out like my pea brain had imagined it would...sigh...oh well at least I have it finally done and I promise to do better next month....

In the month of July I am taking a "road trip" with 3 of my girlfriends and we are driving to and back from Utah. We will be gone 11 days and I am certain we will be laughing, talking, eating, stamping, laughing, talking, get the idea...heehee...I used a Denami image for this card. I colored the car and friends with copics and then cut the whole image out...(darn camera sure shows I didn't do such a good job cutting...). I used pan pal chalks to try and create a scene of sorts on my round background and used some girlie dsp I had gotten from my birthday..Since I love shoes, (as much as I love glitter), I cut out a strip of shoes and used it at the bottom of the card. I used the word border to lay on top of the shoes for the girlie accent. I thought the pearls would add a little umph to the card ...anyway, for the extra part of this challenge, I plan on sending this to my AWESOME AUNT who shares the same birthday month as me. (we are 20 years apart)...and although she isn't a shut in she is one of my heros. She has raised 6 girls and has lots and lots of grand children and great grandchildren. She and my mom (sil) would road trip together to see my dad (her brother), in the nursing home towards the end of moms life. Oh the stories ....heehee...but that is for another time. I saw my sweet aunt this weekend and she raved about my cards and how much she loved them so, am going to pack this one up with a few others and send them her way to wish her Happy Birthday and let her know how much she means to me...I will also, send out a special card to one of our service members who is recovering in the hospital ....after an awful injury...along with a big thank you.

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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

June Dueling Darling Challenge

Well hello we are again embarking on our June challenge. Our lovely hostess' for this month were Barb and Michelle and they chose the theme "The Great Outdoors" which reminds me of the wonderful John Candy movie...what a hoot...I was the lucky recipient of Barb's kit....and oh my what a kit...we had tons of fun things to choose from and plenty of left overs to make more fun things... this is my left overs...and I used alot of the kit to make my card!!!

I chose a new card for is called the Marvelous Magical Marquee Card and you can find the video and measurements Here. Last year the talented Judy gave me an amazing card made with this design and I've wanted to do one ever since. I figured that I could use at least 3 pieces of the beautiful DSP from Bo Bunny  Barb sent along. What a fun card it was to make...kind of like a gate fold card but with a fun twist....Here is the card closed and I will show you as it opens...heehee...

Isn't this fun....I used the Bo Bunny camper image for my focal image and the Whipper Snapper "toss out the map" for the inside saying. The front "explore" is a Bo Bunny stamp and I used one of the green buttons to accent the "O" in explore. I thought the yellow grosgrain ribbon was the perfect touch for the inside of the card.

I'm not so great at following directions...holy hannah...I read and re-read the instructions and then forgot to add my "Great outdoors Story" am adding it now...sigh... If you know me in person you would know I am a chatter box and have been most of my life...( in a bit of trouble in school with that...heehee). so you would be totally surprised if you went fishing with me...I am convinced that if you make noise in the will not catch a fish and I need to catch at least one...(so I never talk while fishing and it has amazed more that one person in my life that I can stay quiet for so long...). anyway on to the story. When I was in my early 20's I went to my friends cabin to visit for a couple days....Her DH was an avid fisherman and she was an avid talker like me...anyway, he took us out in the boat to do some bass fishing and I baited my own hook with frogs and  cast out....she chattered on and on and on....her dh was getting mighty frustrated with her talking and then she started getting her line hooked on branches etc her dh finally gave up fishing and would row us over unhook her line and let her cast again, get stuck again....and again, and again...well at almost the tip of his frustration, I had cast out my line and was struggling with what I thought was a dumb tree branch that had at my line, I was not too excited to let her dh know that I was the one stuck this time so I just kept playing with my line...I would lift it up sharp and drop it in, in hopes of getting it unstuck, at one point it seemed to be working and I was able to keep reeling in the line....whew disaster averted there....when I got most of the line in I figured I had better stop while I was ahead...just as the hook was to surface much to my surprise and everyone else's I saw a "HUGE" bass on the end of the hook...My girlfriend started jumping up and down in the boat and screaming...(oh did I mention I'm not a very good swimmer??? )...I was sure her dh was going to take an oar and hit her over the head to get her to be quiet and sit down...(although neither one of us wanted to rock the boat anymore that it was already rocking) turns out that I had caught the biggest bass yet for the season....needless to say that fish was the end of our fishing for the evening...her dh needed a I needed solid friend...well she needed to keep
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Monday, June 13, 2011

Wedding Card box and Unity Candles

Hi all....As most of you know I have been working with my niece with special items for her wedding. We did 200 invites that I posted earlier and this weekend I finished up her card/cake box for her cards, her programs (which I forgot to take a picture of) and her unity candles...What fun this has been. My own dd just got engaged and was thrilled with the card box and thinks maybe she'll let me help with

I made the box from 3 plain round boxes...the hardest part of this was deciding on the right 3 to take. I did decided to take the largest to the 2nd from smallest...I then spray painted the boxes ivory and used a coat of pearl paint over the ivory to give it a shimmer....

Once this was completed and the boxes were dry (that didn't take as long
as I had expected). I placed the boxes one on top of the other and lightly traced the boxes with a pencil so I would know where to cut (held breath during this I didn't want to start over at this point)...

I then cut out each layer inside the marks I had made so that I would have room for glue....I used silicone inside and around each layer. I cut out the card slot.... used the silicone to secure each layer and placed a heavy box on top of the "cake" and let the layers dry tightly together...I now had my "cake" base done....My niece wanted something simple and her mom had told me the colors of the flowers she was planning on so I began to decorate. I used sheer burgundy ribbon around the bottom of each layer and in the middle of the sheer ribbon placed a heavy ivory lace. I used the same ivory lace to go around the slot in the top of the cake. I then started hot gluing the flowers in place, adding of course some iridescent beads and pearls in for some special "auntie bling" lol (since I didn't use any glitter I had to add something special...heehee).

The bottom is the top cover of the largest box and can be removed to let the cards out. I liked the way this turned out...she however LOVED don't know if she knew what to expect (and I wasn't sure it would turn out to her liking but was relieved that it did...).

She came over on Sunday and we did the programs for the wedding and she had brought some plain white candles with for the unity candle...I had some pearls and other bling and we worked together to make these..

She wanted something simple and was pleased with the way these turned out....we embossed the "C" on tissue paper with white embossing powder and then heated the candle to adhere the tissue paper to the  candle. We then rimmed the heart shape with pearls and added a pearl swirl around the top and bottom of the large candle and then used the same pearl swirl to wrap around the smaller candles....all in all I have learned some new things and am happy that I was able to help in a small way to make my nieces wedding a little more special to both of us...We had fun working together and she saved some money as well...heehee..

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Sunday, June 5, 2011

Mo's Challenge #85--sketch challenge

I love working with sketch challenges and most of the time follow them exactly...but we all have to start somewhere right?..Well this week Mo's challenge was a sketch challenge and I have made a card for the challenge...this is what the sketch looks like:

and this is what my card looks like:

I fell in love with the watermelon girl as soon as I saw here and had to color her up thought about the card a while and decided I needed watermelon slices and went to work looking to purchase some...hmmm....couldn't find any so while searching my dsp drawers I ran onto red glitter paper and lime glitter you think I could make my own?...Well after a couple tries this is what I came up with. I used black stickles for the seeds on the glittery watermelons and on the little girls pants and top. I colored her with copics and used clear stickles to highlight her headband and watermelon...(after all a gal needs some The green shimmer paper had all kinds of fun summer words on it and I backed it with SU retired apricot appeal card stock. I used black rhinestones on the nestie and on the dividing embossed paper to simulate seeds. I had fun with this and I hope you like it..

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