Wednesday, September 28, 2011

September Calendar Girls--Choices for Fall

Well here we are Sept 28th and you know what that means?? It is our day to reveal our cards for the Calendar Girls...Our lovely, talented hostess Paola, (aka. Sweet P) laid out this challenge for us:

Our September Challenge

~~* Hello wonderful Calendar Girls
well, sassy Miss September is finally ready to challenge YOU all....*wink*

I'd like this month to continue to be about choices,
therefore I would like YOU to pick your own challenge
by selecting ONE of the THREE choices provided below.

*choice one* MUSIC:
Select one of the three youtube songs I added below, and have your card reflecting part of the lyrics from your song of choice.
The possibilities are absolutly ENDLESS! )
I would also like YOU to gift your finished card to a close neighbour, or a friend that lives close to you that could use a 'pick me up'.

'September' by: Nat King Cole
September Song - Nat King Cole & George Shearing - YouTube

'September in the Rain' by: Dinah Washington
Dinah Washington - September In The Rain - YouTube

'Wake me up when September ends' by: Green Day
Green Day-Wake Me Up When September Ends lyrics - YouTube

*choice 2* EDUCATION:
Create a card with a special teacher in mind, and please remember to add at least one apple somewhere in your card. Teacher's {heart} apples! )
I would also like YOU to gift your finished card to a teacher (past or present) who has been a true inspiration in your life. (or in your child/children life/lives)

*choice 3* CHILDREN:
Your card should reflect anything a child may like to do: playing, reading, toys,sports etc....but with a twist!
It should be both cheerful and also reflect the fast approaching Fall, a colorful season I love very much. )
I would also like YOU to gift your finished card to a child (other than your own!) that could use a little lift, a lil smile.....just because....

** PLEASE NOTE **-----> Once you post your September creative cards on your blogs, please explain why you chose option 1, or 2 or 3
and also let us know who are you going to gift your card to and the reason why..............)

This was honestly a very difficult challenge for me and it shouldn't have been. First of all making the choice was hard...In order to follow through I first had to decide who I was going to send my card to in order to decide which challenge to mind you I probably could have produced something easily enough for each theme but following through might not have been as a result I chose to go with theme number one...I chose the September song and immediately found the lyrics on line. The second verse is:

When the Autumn weather
Turns leaves to flame
One hasn't got time
For the waiting game...

The image on my card along with the beautiful copper/glitter fabric that is the background  for the image was gifted to me by my sweet friend Cheryl...She is a very creative stamper and a wonderful, generous, kind, sweet friend who thinks of others first and herself second...She also, takes others under her wing when she sees them hurting and brings them into the stamping fold to help them heal their souls and share in the beauty of stamping....(she is getting my card)....Anyway, back to the card. Cheryl purchased this Northwoods stamp for all the girls in our stamp group at the time..the fabric she found a couple years ago and brought to all of us as well...I thought the two would go well together so I chose to use both.(the fact that some of the leaves on the fabric were glittered didn't hurt anything either....heehee... ). I unfortunately am not exactly pleased with how my card turned out but like was a work in progress...I colored the stamped image with my copics, highlighting with glitter to give it extra "flame or spark"... I then cut the image out and placed it on an umber circle which had been run through the distressed stripe cuttlebug folder. This was placed on a copper scalloped circle and then mounted on the background which is an umber cardstock covered with the beautiful fabric and then mounted on a white base. I found the pretty leaves at Michaels in the 1.50 spot and thought they might be a good accent for the image...I honestly think the coloring is what I am having a problem with but for now it will have to do...I will definitely do something different the next time I use this image..

Now on to the song...the fabric leaves and the image itself contains leaves that I tried to make flaming of sorts and the last line of this verse say "one hasn't got time for the waiting game" which can be interpreted in a couple ways...(the waiting game---the deer waiting as if hearing something that may threaten him), or (just waiting around )...anyway, however you chose to look at it I was hoping it would fit the song..

As I said before I plan on sending Cheryl my card as a thank you and also to let her know I am thinking of her. I also, want to let her know that I am grateful for her friendship and that I do put her generous gifts to use...

Thank you for stopping by....please stop by the rest of the Calendar girls blogs...I am sure you will not be disappointed.

Until next time,
Big hugs,


:: BlueInks :: said...

You put so much thought and creativity into your card this month, Carol. It is spectacular! So many fine details. Your friend Cheryl, will so love it!!!

April said...

I love this! What a wonderful image. I may have to go find this many nature lovers in out family! Hunters too, but don't let that deer know!

Your friend, Cheryl, sounds like a wonderful women who will love your creation!!

It is ironic that you and I were both moved by the same four lines of the song....

I think you did a wonderful job with the card and the challenge! But alas, know how it is to not be behind our work 100%.

Barb said...

Oh My Carol--this card is just stunning! I love the layout and the stamp is perfect for it, and I love that is in on a leaf--so creative!

The fabric is perfect and it sounds like your friend Cheryl is a great friend! Congrats on having such a special person in your life!

Terry said...

Awesome job Carol!

I love the colors, they really speak Autumn and work really well together. I knew you'd work glitter into it somehow ☺

Great card and great take on the challenge!!

~Paola~ said...

OH MY GOODESS GRACIOUS!! Carol this card is absolutly STUNNING!!!! I am not sure why you are not 100% happy with it my friend...your interpreattion is FLAWLESS and the image so perfectly put together with all the other special elements added- from the oh so rich looking fabric to all the glittery sparkling leaves and all the nesties combined!This, my friend, is a work of art and your friend Cheryl will cherish it 4 evah!!
Thanks for your awesome partecipation!xox

Jeanette (Forest Ranger) A•Muse Consultant #1065 said...

Beautiful!!! I love the rich autumn colors, the Carol-appropriate glitter, the fantastic image and product choices! Stunning!!!

Cheryl will be so delighted to receive your card, Carol... as she should be because it is definitely a masterpiece!

MiamiKel said...

Oh be still my heart (and as Toby Keith would say, Slap your grandma!) This is breathtaking, Carol. I can't imagine you were stumped by this challenge - this is jaw dropping and a showstopper! Your friend Cheryl will treasure this forever and ever, it's just stunning and should be behind a small glass picture frame. You've captured the essence of Fall to perfection! x0x0

Darlene said...

Once again, you take things to a whole new level! You have such creative flare & your cards are so wonderful, you should get published you know. Cheryl will treasure this beauty!

kadie said...

Gorgeous scene and what a fantastic idea to frame the image inside the maple leaf die. So genius. LOVE IT!! love YOU!!

djones said...

Beautiful card. I abosolutely love your fall colors and that image stamped on the leaf is wonderful.