Sunday, April 29, 2012

Happy 50th

Well today my friends my little brother turns 50, the 4th of 6 children to hit this milestone. Last night all of my siblings and their significant others surprised my brother by meeting him and Tracy at the casino for supper. Tracy had made calls to one of my other brothers to send out emails so that we all knew about the event and wanted to make sure we could try to surprise him...(tough task for sure). Then came the "what to give him for a present" phase...we all thought about it and someone mentioned 50 $2.00 dollar bills (as that was what my mom gave everyone when she was alive)...Well on my way to work on friday morning I came up with what I thought was a brilliant idea...(hmmmmmm....idea was good but since I came up with it....guess who should execute it...) The idea was for us all to go together and give him 50 gold dollar coins, 50 quarters, dimes, nickels and far so good...easy right?? Well the next part of the idea was to tape them to an old "45" record I had laying around...somehow my brain didn't quite wrap itself around exactly how many coins I was working with...doh....anyway I decided to use 4 records and the "welcome to the 50's" theme...(since all but 2 of us are 50 +)...Anyway, after taping all the coins on the records I discovered...hmmmm...they were flapping a little and I needed to decide on how to keep them in place...(for surely he would want to take them off and use them in the slots....right???) Anyway after much debate I went to Michaels and purchased a frame to mount albums in that was on clearance...(bonus)...and this is how it turned out...:

This isn't a great picture but you will notice I have some guitar stickers on there...I made records with a punch, some black paper and crystal effects and I used a TGF image I colored with copics to give my brother the 50's theme I was going for...My niece asked if it could hang on a wall since it was so heavy...I said I don't really know, I thought he would take it apart and go brother replied "NO WAY"...I going to keep this just as it he did really like,..Here are a couple pictures of the birthday boy...

So I'm wishing my brother a very "Happy 50th" birthday today...

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Judy McMullen said...

Wow! What an awesome gift to give and celebrate your brother's 50th! Great job, Carol!!

~Paola~ said...

ohmygoshhhhhhhhhhhh Carol!!
This is definetly a keeper of a gift...I agree with your brother!!
such labour of love and patience went into it and the result is absolutly amazing!!! You are soooo cleverly creative and inventive my friend!!
Happy Birthday to your brother...he shares his special day with my Dad, in fact we just gor back from celebrating him :o)

Darlene said...

Oh Carol...This is so perfect!!! I am glad that your brother wants to keep it in its original form!! It looks like a load of fun last night and I am so happy that you had a fun night. Keeping you close in my prayers.

:: BlueInks :: said...

First, I have to say that I so think that little glittah wig for your brother is priceless! It made me giggle!

That is awesome that all of your siblings could get together. Much fun!

Your idea and execution on the gift is amazing. Your brother will cherish it always, from his talented sister from the same mister! ;)