Saturday, May 4, 2013

Calendar Girls and Crafters of Faith cards

Hi all, I am once again late...not on purpose but truly by crazy circumstances. I have been working longer hours, visiting awesome friends and my computer has been acting up. During the time the Calendar Girls card was due I was at Barb's beautiful home. I did not have my card done and Barb let me use her wonderful craft room to make my card. Since it was my month to chose the theme, I was doubly upset that I wasn't on to post. When I arrived home I went to post my card and my computer was not working again...Needless to say I was NOT a happy here I am today to finally post my cards...

Here is the challenge:
Miss April: Carol

As the saying goes April showers bring May flowers....

To me April showers clean the earth of its worn out snow, dust and dirt along with nurturing new seeds and life to our surroundings (gardens, yards, trees, etc). It also, to me signals new for this month I would like for you to create a card that does just could be a wedding card, a baby card, even a New Years card...OR it could be a card that uses something worn out or pre-used and develop a new use for it...ex: mesh bag from fruit...used once to hold fruit: new beginning...used on the card...repurposed.. I know all of you are very talented crafters and I can hardly wait to see what you come up with...

Have fun with this challenge...
((hugs)) Carol

My original intentions were to make a wedding card and use some of the wrapping paper that I salvaged from the trash when my dd was opening her wedding gifts...since I was at Barb's I change to a baby card using a new whipper snapper stamp I purchased while I was visiting... here is my card...

I used a doily for the background of this sweet little guy and some embossed whale paper for the panels. My niece had a little boy on the 23rd of April so this little card will be going her way...

For the crafters of faith....this was the challenge put out by our lovely April:

April's Challenge
I spent my childhood being called April Showers or even April Flowers.....hence my email address of aflowers.... It would probably be called bullying nowadays, but I seemed to take it all in stride. Because of this moniker, I wanted to highlight a verse which is about Spring. I think this one is apropos!

Leviticus 26:4 - Then I will give you rain in due season, and the land shall yield her increase, and the trees of the field shall yield their fruit.

Although my verse does not say flowers explicitly, a plant must flowers before it bears fruit. I would love your card this month to show off flower --- stamps, die cuts, crocheted, etc! {If you want, you can add rain, but that isn't a necessity.}

Have fun with this verse and the glorious Spring Season!

I also did this card at Barb's with a new (to me) technique... I embossed a solid flower stamp with while and then colored it with copics. Of course I HAD to add some glitter...(but then you all knew that right??

Here is my card:

I actually kind of like the look of the solid white flower highlighted by copics and glitter. I am practicing so that I can do a better job...

Please stop by the blogs for each of these groups...I am certain you will not be disappointed by all the creativity you will find

Until next time.




Terry said...

What an adorable baby card! Love that WS image....too cute! Great job coloring the image and great layout too!

Your COF card is very pretty too. I love the "new to you" technique you used with the flower! I have never tried that.

I am so glad your computer is working again ☺ and I am also glad that I had the chance to meet you in real life!!

Big hugs and smiles to you ☺

MiamiKel said...

oh my friend, I understand late and I understand crazy life! But your card sure is cutie patootie!! TFS! x0x0

djones said...

So cute! I love the whale DP behind the image and the way you placed a doily behind the image. Amazing coloring of the image and a great layout too.

Barb said...

Carol--I love both of the cards!

The baby card is so cute--love the doily and the coloring!

Your flower card is gorgeous--great technique I will need to try soon!

Jeanette (Forest Ranger) A•Muse Consultant #1065 said...

Such wonderful cards. The doily...... wow! That adds so much to the baby card. And your flower card is just stunning!