Tuesday, April 29, 2014

April 2014 Calendar Girls post

Hi all, the month of April was my month to post the challenge. I thought long and hard about the challenge and this is what I came up with....

Hostess: Carol

For you challenge this month I thought quite a bit about the challenge. As you know, we will be posting after Easter so with that in mind I thought I'd do a Mothers Day challenge. When I was a child my mom would encourage my dad to get little carnation corsages in pink or red for each of us girls and mom to wear to church on Mothers Day. According to her (and the intranet), if a woman's mother was alive the females in the family would don a red or pink flower (mostly carnations, but not a rule) and if her mom had passed, the female would wear a white flower, and would visit the grave of her mom and place a white carnation on her grave. My mom's dad would do this when she was a child and mom loved the tradition. What I would like you to do this month is create a card or project using the color that would describe your mom. As an extra I would like for you to share a special memory of your mom from when you were little (if you are comfortable with that) so we can learn a bit about the wonderful ladies who raised such beautiful paper crafters...

Now as I remember, when my mom could get my dad to get corsages for us...we felt pretty special and looked so stylin...lol. but we were very proud that we were included in the gift of flowers even if we didn't fully understand why were were getting them. My mom was a daddy's girl and I think he bought corsages for grandma and mom, more for my moms sake as she had 2 younger brothers and he could spoil her and grandma a little on this special day. Unfortunately, the color of my flowers on mothers day are white...I lost my mom 10 years ago and a day doesn't pass I don't think of her and miss her...so in honor of my mom here is my card.

I could go on and on about my mom, she was a mama bear and no one was to mess with those who she held in her heart, family and friends alike. She was fair and didn't believe in letting any of her 6 kids get by with lying, cheating or causing trouble...trust me the trouble you got in with mom was worse than any trouble we could cause by ourselves...I think the most favorite thing about my mom was her love of fun. Her motto was the house will always be there to clean but we won't always have a chance to indulge in whatever adventure she had cooked up...sometimes she would even ask us to skip school to babysit the littler kids so she could do one thing or another. (I am most like my mom in the house cleaning dept)...Mom worked hard to make our lives fun and let us know each of us were special. When she died we found some papers etc of hers. I don't think she had a particularly wonderful childhood but she sure made sure we did...I do miss her tons..

Thanks so much for stopping by, please stop by the calendar girls blogs and check out the creations that each one has made in honor of their mothers.

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Shelly Schmidt said...

Carol- your card is just beautiful- and what a touching tribute to your Mother! I love the idea of enjoying each other and leaving the housework for later..... : )

:: BlueInks :: said...

What a pretty card! I so love that background you created. It looks so good!!! The dimension on the flowers you made send this card over the top.

I think that you should probably take your mom's motto a step further. The housework can wait....for a housekeeper!!!

Six children, I cannot imagine that. Our friend is 7 of 9. His mom always said after the third one you just put on another potato!

Thanks, for the fun challenge.

Darlene said...

Carol, I absolutely love your beautiful card! So, so pretty!
Your mom sounds like an amazing woman. I completely agree with her housekeeping philosophy, hahaha. Miss you!

MiamiKel said...

Your mom is a lot like me in that sense, lol. The kids grow too fast, housework can wait! Your card is stunning - the paneling and embossed background is just amazing! I love it! Great job and thank you for the wonderful challenge, my friend ♥

kadie said...

Oh this is goregous! Love all the texture. You are giving me such great ideas!

Terry said...

Pretty card Carol! love how you placed the flowers on top of the stamped leaves!

Great challenge this month, I hope to get to this card very soon!!