Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Calendar Girls November 2014

I'm here, I'm here....I tell you, I need to get more computer savvy. I've been having a hard time downloading my pictures so I took my camera with me and am using another computer...sheesh. (It should be easy). ....anyway, Our hostess this month is the talented Barb and here is what she said:

This month we are going to do a color challenge. Since this card will be posted a few days before Halloween, I challenge you to make a card using just two colors--Black and One Other Color. I also challenge you to try to not use white or ivory as a base for your image. If you do, it does not need to count as your second color--or it can...... Your card does not need to be a Halloween card--it can be for any occasion. Get your thinking caps on and limit your colors to just two!

A bit of clarification............. I had a question already about the limit of two colors. Does that mean just the image, or does it include card base, paper, embellishments, etc.?

Yes--it means everything on your card can only be one of two colors--Black and something else. Your image can be stamped or printed on white or ivory if you want and that base does not count as one of the two colors--unless you wanted to go Black and White only. So all of your cardstock and any designer paper and any/all embellishments need to be one of the two colors you choose. Yes, this is thinking out of the box and I am guessing our markers will not be used this month! That is why it is called a "Challenge"!

Now you all know why she clarified the black and white scheme...right??? lol. Well you got it. That is exactly what my two colors are. I also used black and white glitter paper  which again, I am sure you are not surprised at....lol  Here is my card:


I also used white glitter netting along with a little white gem to make little ornaments on the shoes. I used the same netting along the bottom of the card to make the scalloped cut out stand out a bit more (a bit hard to see but it is there). I will insert the Cinderella sentiment about the right pair of shoes and will probably pass it on to one of my daughters (which like me, the love shoes and glitter as well).

Thanks for stopping by, please stop by and check out the rest of the calendar girls blogs. I am sure you will not be disappointed...

Until next time,


April said...

Beautiful card!
I am so jealous of your love of glitter. I love the look, but always (yes, ALWAYS) make a mess!

Barb said...

Carol--I love your card! The shoes are stunning and I love all of the added touches. This was not much of a challenge for you at all girlie! You Rocked It!

Jeanette (Forest Ranger) said...

Carol, this is soooo pretty! I'm always in awe of your glimmer abilities. Impressive!

Shelly Schmidt said...

Beautifully done- quite elegant! I love the tulle you added on the shoes and also on the bottom of your card. Such a fun challenge by your group- and it is always fun to see all of the different design ideas you all come up with.

MiamiKel said...

Oh Carol. Magnifique!! You make working with glitter and shimmer look so easy! This is over the top beautiful. Way to go on keeping it 2-toned! *hugs*

djones said...

Oh so amazing! I love how you conquered Barb's challenge.

:: BlueInks :: said...

Pretty! I love the fancy touch of the decorative edge and the fabric. So creative you are!