Thursday, January 9, 2014

Carriers of Faith January 2014

Hi all, this is the first blog hop of the Carriers of Faith for 2014. We were the Crafters of Faith last year and changed our direction for the  year of 2014. Not in the fact that we are Crafters but in the fact that we have a direction that we are going and that we can be inspired not only in our daily crafting but in our daily life. We don't have to be Crafting to express our faith we just need to look around us to see the beauty and inspiration that surrounds us. Each month we have a hostess and a scripture and we are encouraged to look around us daily with the scripture in mind and find inspiration that is a reflection of the bible verse and how we interpret it. This month our hostess is Kelly and this is what she provided for us:

January Challenge :
January Scripture: “Be still and know that I am God.” Psalm 46:10
January photo inspiration: Spending time in stillness, in prayer.

Every morning and every evening as I leave the comfort of my warm bed or crawl into my bed, I am blessed to  have a roof over my head I thank the dear Lord for the wonderful things he has provided to me. In the morning I  talk to him as I shower and as I drive to work each are just some of the wonderful blessings in my life:
My sweet granddaughter and my hubby
My dear daughter and her hubby

My dear daughter and her daughter
My brothers and sisters
The  family minus dd's hubby
My daughters
My sweet granddaughter
I am truly  blessed and am thankful for all these special blessings and for the amazing blessings of all my friends., These are just a sampling of the blessings God has provided. Each evening as I prepare for bed I thank the dear Lord for these same blessings and all the goodness the day has provided. God is truly good..

Thank you for stopping by and checking out my blog. Your next stop will be our sweet  Tami . I'm not sure I have done this correctly as this is my first post, but I am sure I will get it soon.

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:: BlueInks :: said...

Oh Carol, I love your family!!! Your DGD is so very cute! What a great post you have created.

♥ U Glittah Sistah!

Zella said...

Carol - what a beautiful post!!! We do have much to be thankful for don't we? Thank you for sharing your pictures with us!!!

Jeanette (Forest Ranger) said...

Carol, by the pictures you shared, I can see that you truly are blessed and the beautiful thing is, you know Who to thank for that. I loved how you shared that He is on your mind when you get up and when you retire for the day, too.


Barb said...

Carol--what a beautiful post. Family is very special to you and it is so obvious from all of those wonderful pictures that you posted!

Thanks for being a part of this new/revised blog group!

MiamiKel said...

Carol, how enchanting to see this post today - surrounded by the love of your family and the beauty of all on their wedding day. The pictures are beautiful (and it's nice to finally peek at the wedding, too!) Blessings to you as you walk each day, reminded from the first moment of how we dedicated that time to HIM!

Shelly Schmidt said...

You are truly blessed- a wonderful looking family- and your Granddaughter is just beautiful!!!