Monday, February 28, 2011

Calendar Girls February 2011

Hear ye, hear ye! By royal proclamation …… I Welcome you all to Ms. February’s Ball!
Each of you beautiful belles – our lovely Calendar Girls - are cordially invited to the Calendar Girls Ball! It’s a month of love, admiration, and red hearts, my lovelies!
What will you wear to this ball? More like what will your CARD wear?! This month – fabulous Calendar Girls,- show us your STYLE! Your card should reflect a representation of what your dream dress would be and the moment each of you beauties walks into the ballroom, we’ll be dazzled by what you (your card!) has on!

1. Challenge 1 -- What’s your style?! Will your card be sleek, sexy and black?
Will it be a pink and frilly with flowers? Lavender and lace?
Will it have Bows? Buttons all down the back? {etc!} You may use any stamped image you like - it should not be a dress stamp, lol – your card should speak for itself with it’s colors and style!

2. Challenge 2 -- Show us your true colors at this ball! Add your favorite color somewhere to your card, even if it’s the smallest of a brad or a little flower – it might not match your “dress personality” but that’s the whole challenge! In the words of Tim Gunn, “Make it work!”

3. Challenge 3 -- Shape up for this ball!! Well, this will be one of your EASIEST shape ups evah! Tee hee! on the same card, you must use a SHAPE somewhere on your card! Make your regular card but add a Big-shotted, Cuttlebugged, hand cut out shape to your card.  Shape up, show your true color and your style!!

So here I am...finally I have a I first read Kelly's challenge I knew exactly what I was going to do.....yay me..Did I do it? I actually was going to do a heart easel card and still use the black but the only die cut I had was the scallop heart (which would indicate ruffles and I didn't want ruffles.) So in checking my other nestability dies I found the labels 8 (which I had already cut out as an easel card in kraft for another challenge and had discarded...lucky was already started). I then took some black paper (given to me by my sweet friend Linda) that had a fabric texture to it..( I took a picture with the flash and you can see the texture but the rest of the card didn't look very good so re-took it but here is how the paper looks).

I then took the labels 8 and punched a half piece out of the paper and used that for the inside of my easel card/dress..Once I had all the pieces cut out I used an oval punch to punch the sides of the dress to reveal cute little arms...(humor me I took rhinestones and made a necklace using an oval rhinestone as a drop jewel (my favorite shape requirement #3). 

Requirement #2 was to add your favorite color..somewhere on the dress. My favorite color has always been blue, but I love black and white as much. I used blue rhinestones to attempt to give my dress/card a dropped waist with a black and white flower on the hip...(geegle geegle). Now if you know me I am extremely short so I would never be able to pull a dress like this off. So in keeping with requirement #1. I am showing you my favorite style/dream dress. In a perfect world I would have longer legs and be thin and be able to wear a strapless dropped waist elegant black ball gown. So Thank you Kelly for the wonderful challenge, I am able to wear my dream gown to your Royal ball and I look good in it...ROTFLMAO....

Thanks for stopping by, please drop by the other calendar girls blogs and see what they are wearing...

Kelly, Jeanette, April, Barb, Debbie, Michelle, Paola, Tami and Terry

Until next time...

P.S. I'm feeling a little guilty here as I didn't use a stamp on this (yet)...but it wasn't in the requirements so hopefully I didn't mess it up...I really did have fun though.


MiamiKel said...

Ohhhhhhhhh Carol!! My jaw just hit the floor!! Girl, this is UNBELIEVABLY CREATIVE! This gown is drop dead gorgeous, and you are a true BELLE of the Ball! I can even picture you in this beautiful black gown - stunning as you already are :) It's perfect, and you have done me so proud taking this challenge head on and walking the Red Carpet in wearing this stunner - woohoo! :::: standing ovation! :::: (and mine doens't have a stamp either, rofl!) (forgive my spelling, already took my contacts out, lol!) LOVE IT, and you! x0x0x

~Paola~ said...

WOW Carol!! You made a GOR-GEE-OSS shape (and shapely!) dress card!!You keep amazing me each and every single time with your ENDLESS creative resources!!
Beutiful, elegant,classy card!!
It's a WHOPPER and U'll take the crown at the ball 4 sure !!!!
*muwahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh* :-)

BlueInks said...

Carol! You rocked it yet again! The texture is perfect and to think of using Nestabilities and punches. Very creative card, Belle!

Terry said...

Wow Carol! Pretty card :-) I absolutely love it!! You mastered this challenge for sure!!

Hugs to you!


Michelle said...

Wow! Very cool, I love how you used the die cuts, and punches. I love the texture that the black adds, and the embellishments are perfect.

Barb said...

Stunning--absolutely stunning! I too can picture you--even though we have not met--YET! in this dress. What a great card--You are the Belle of the Ball!

Jeanette (Forest Ranger) said...

Carol, you look incredible, dressed to the nines for this ball. Love your gown! So stylish. So beautiful. So fun.

It really is a shapely gown and the added pearls, and glitz make for a stunning creation!

I hope you dance!

April said...

What a great style!! I love your take on this ball gown and you did exactly what you set out to do TAADAA!!!

I am so hapy that we get to know one another all the better through these wonderful challenges!

djones said...

Hi tall, leggy and beautiful!!! LOL!! I love your elegant dress. The added jewelry is a great idea and that's a wonderful blue drop waist, you wear it well!! You look marvelous dahling!

Kimmarie Baker said...

Carol you are so welcome for your award. This post is one of the reasons why I like your blog. So creative! I love this challenge and what you made. So elegant. I have to go check out the "dresses" tfs

Susan said...

WOW CAROL! What a gorgeous, sexy, elegant card! Your little black dress looks beautiful with the sparkly rhinestone waistband and the floral detail. And the necklace is such an amazing touch! You would definitely turn every head when you waltzed into the ballroom! {HUG}